FEMME FATALE VOL 1 (english)

Irene Helena has always been different from other people. Like her mother, Ana.

Irene was born «superhuman,» the result of scientific experiments gone wrong. Despite their past, Ana tried to provide a normal life for Irene.

Things were normal…for a while. Until Irene’s life changed forever. Until her mother was taken away. Ever since, Irene has dedicated her life to discovering the reason behind her mother’s disappearance. But Irene doesn’t realize that by searching for the truth, her true powers will come to light.

Will she use them for good…or for something else?
Can she trust the people around her?
Can she ever trust anyone again?

Find out explosive first chapter of «Femme Fatale!»


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    Editorial: Malú Comic
    Vendido por: MALUcomic

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